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What Does a Criminal Attorney Do?

A criminal attorney plays a crucial role in safeguarding the rights of individuals facing criminal charges. Contrary to misconceptions, the primary objective of a criminal attorney is to protect the accused throughout the legal process. From the initiation to the conclusion of a criminal case, these legal professionals ensure that their client’s rights are upheld within the ethical boundaries set by the legal system.

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One significant aspect of a criminal attorney’s responsibilities is negotiating and resolving cases. The attorney reviews disclosure, examines defensible issues, and collaborates with clients to understand their version of events. In many instances, a substantial portion of criminal cases is resolved through negotiation, where the attorney seeks to find an appropriate sentence and plea agreement.

Fair sentencing is a cornerstone of the criminal attorney’s work. They navigate negotiations with the Crown, aiming to secure a reasonable penalty that aligns with the nature of the offense. The attorney advocates for their clients, emphasizing the importance of just penalties and challenging any excessive sentencing proposed by the prosecution.

During trials, a criminal attorney assumes the role of protecting the accused’s rights, scrutinizing the Crown’s case, and strategically questioning evidence to create reasonable doubt. This comprehensive approach reflects the commitment of criminal attorneys to provide a rigorous defense for individuals facing criminal charges, ensuring that everyone receives fair treatment within the legal system.


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