Three Benefits of a Commercial Litigation Attorney

What is commercial real estate law

Litigation is a specialty that is growing in popularity in law firms all over the country. According to a recent Robert Half Legal survey, 30% of hiring by legal departments and law firms is being done to fill this demand. If you are a company looking to bolster your legal department with commercial litigation experience, then you need the services of a commercial attorney.

When you are wise to hire the perfect combination of skills that are in demand, you are ready to benefit from the skills that commercial litigation lawyers bring to your aid. Here are three benefits of a commercial lawyer and what they can do for your company.

1.) They will protect the interests of your company.

Right out of the gate, your hiring of a commercial attorney should allow you to breathe just a little easier. No matter what the issue might be, your commercial litigation attorney will be able to provide you with counsel. Whether it be contract issues, compliance concerns, or anything else that could arise during the course of your business, you have a person completely on your side and watching out for your concerns.

2.) They will have a specialized focus.

Commercial litigation is very rarely a cut and dried situation. A business litigation attorney is someone who has a focus that other legal team members do not have. A construction lawyer does not often handle employment law. You can see why litigation could need a very singularly focused individual or two to determine a favorable outcome of any type of claim or suit.

3.) They will have expertise in commercial litigation law.

One familiar claim in commercial law is that of a breach of contract. This kind of claim needs an expert’s attention. Breach of contract cases make up one-third of civil cases filed, according to the First National Study of Civil Bench and Jury Trials. And, according to a review of civil cases filed in 2005, plaintiffs will win the bench trials 68% of the time while winning only 54% of the time in jury trials.

Many states handle these claims differently. In Texas, for example, any breach of contract claim must be filed within four years, unless there is something in the contract that specifies that it be two years. This is something quality commercial lawyers know and understand.

Having a commercial attorney on board at your company can keep you riding on the right track, taking care of what it is that you do. When you come up against legal difficulties, that is when you can surely rely on a quality commercial litigation attorney.

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