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7 Times You Need a Construction Attorney

When do I need a construction attorney? If you find yourself asking this question, it’s probably because you’re experiencing one of these issues:

  1. You’re trying to hammer out a contract but aren’t sure if the terms are favorable. One of the things that a construction lawyer specializes in is contracts and helping contractors get the right terms that will be fair to them as well as to their clients. Experts in construction law have a lot of experience in understanding how specific contractual terms will work out for all parties involved. They can give you the correct advice about whether it’s a good idea to require arbitration or mediation in the contract terms. They can help you see things that you might not have noticed in a bad contract before it’s too late
  2. You’re having a dispute with your employees. Having a good understanding of employment law is only one small part of being a good construction attorney. All kinds of things can go wrong when it comes to working with employees from unexpected delays to unexpected layoffs, injuries to changes in the work order. It’s hard enough to navigate all of these things just with clients and other subcontractors: there are times when it’s even trickier negotiating them with their own employees. If you’re facing a tricky situation involving employment law, that’s when you start wondering, “when do I need a construction attorney?”
  3. When government regulations are a swampland you’re having trouble navigating. Codes and regulations change from quarter to quarter. There are state codes, federal regulations, and municipal regulatory issues that all have to be safely navigated in order to bring any construction project to a satisfactory end. One of the things that a construction law firm knows how to do is to ensure that you’re following all regulatory guidelines and stand up for you in court should anyone try to claim otherwise.
  4. When there’s been a delay and your client is not happy. This is about the time you start thinking “when do I need a construction lawyer?” The answer is: now! Delays can mean big penalties and big problems. A construction lawyer knows how to go between you and your clients and explain the situation in a way that satisfies everyone. They know what sort of compensation to advise you to offer in order to make sure that a small delay doesn’t become a big issue.
  5. When you’re involved in mediation. Mediation is a great way to resolve disputes in a way that preserves everyone’s privacy and offers the possibility of preserving a business relationship. In order to be successful in a negotiation, though, it’s important that you have the right attorney on your side who can help you make sure that your rights are protected as well as help you understand the other side.
  6. You’re being taken to court. Hopefully, before you ever get to the courtroom you’d already considered “when do I need a construction attorney?” You definitely need one by the time you get before a judge. This can happen even when you’ve done everything according to contract and been absolutely upfront and fair with your customers. We live in a litigious society and frivolous lawsuits are not as infrequent as they should be.
  7. You could use some help staying on task. Hiring a lawyer means getting someone on your side who can help you from beginning to end of a project. They can help you establish a workable budget and draft a good contract, but they can also help you stay on budget, meet your timelines, and understand and navigate all the codes. They can keep an eye on your job site to make sure it’s running efficiently and can even look for warning signs of trouble when it comes to relationships with clients, interactions with government entities, or potential legal issues with your employees.

These are just some of the times you might need the services of an expert in construction law. If you’ve ever asked yourself, ” when do I need a construction attorney?” then you probably already know the answer. Get someone on your side now and you’ll avoid all kinds of trouble in the future.

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