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4 Delayed Injuries Resulting from a Car Accident

Everyone driving has learned that there are a number of causes for car wrecks, therefore drivers should be vigilant of other drivers actions to attempt to avoid a collision. Car accidents in the U.S. typically occur due to speeding, intoxicated driving and distractions while driving, and these accidents injure approximately 3 million people each year. While you never expect to be involved in an accident it is important to be prepared should it happen.

Most people think injuries sustained in an accident are immediate which indicates whether a car accident lawyer should be contacted. That is not the case. Some injuries can take some time to present themselves after an accident, and without a car accident lawyer injured individuals may not be compensated accordingly. Anytime you are involved in an accident it is best to contact a car accident lawyer immediately, even it you show no immediate signs of injury. Listed below are some common injuries that can have a delayed onset of hours or even days. An experienced car accident lawyer can assist you in getting settlements even for these delayed injuries.

Knee Injuries

A car wreck typically throws the driver and other passengers of the car into forward motion during the impact. This leads the driver and possibly front seat passenger to hit their knees on the dashboard. Even though the knee is bent at the time of impact trauma to the knee and the surrounding soft tissue sometimes results. Bone injuries such as breaks can result along with cartilage issues. The severity of these injuries varies and the the injury itself is not always obvious directly after a car crash. Inflammation can take some time to become obvious.

Stomach Pain

Stomach pain can be a sign of an emergency situation especially for those involved in car accidents. Internal bleeding can take hours or even to present itself and it does so with stomach pain and sometimes bruising to the area. The stomach is full of soft tissues and damage to these tissues produces subtle symptoms that need emergency medical attention. If you experience any of these symptoms it is recommended that you visit your nearest emergency room for an evaluation.

Herniated Disk

Some time after accident you may start to notice numbness in your limbs. This numbness could occur alongside tingling or weakness. This is could be a sign that you should seek medical attention. A herniated disk occurs when the tissue located between the vertebrae balloon out. Sometimes these disks can rupture. An imaging test can help reveal the extent of the damage as well as the best course of treatment for them.

Brain Injuries

Although rare, this injury is still one that you want to be aware of. The back and forth motion of the head can damage your brain, especially if you hit your head on something during the impact. Brain injuries do not always present themselves immediately following a car accident. Loosing consciousness after a crash can be a warning sign that the individual should be monitored for any kind of brain injury.

With approximately six million car accidents each year in the U.S. there’s a good chance you could be involved in at one at some point in your life while driving or riding passenger. No matter whether you show immediate sings of injuries or not, it is in your best interest to be checked out thoroughly by a physician or emergency room and contact a car accident lawyer. You may not end up needing your lawyer, but it is better to be on the safe side and have one yet not need it.

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