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A Look At Car Accidents In South Carolina

If you have been hit by a car or have otherwise become a victim of a motor vehicle accident in South Carolina or even elsewhere in the United States, you are far from alone. In fact, there are an estimated six million car accidents every single year on United State’s ground and these accidents result in more than thirty thousand fatalities in the same amount of time. Unfortunately, some of these car accidents (such as those caused by inclement and severe weather) are difficult to prevent. Others, like those caused by drunk or distracted driving, can be. If you were hit by a car or were otherwise the victim of such a motor vehicle accident, you may be entitled to a settlement payment.

South Carolina, just one state out of the entire fifty in the United States, has a particularly high rate of people getting hit by a car and other motor vehicle accidents. The motor vehicle accident rate is South Carolina alone is as much as sixty two percent higher than the national average, particularly when it comes to car and motor vehicle accidents that result in fatalities. As any auto accident lawyer working in South Carolina can tell you, rates of auto accidents are particularly high, with more than fifty two thousand occurring in the span of just one year. Statistics even have shown that a new accident is likely to occur just every four seconds and a new injury sustained by someone that has been hit by a car or otherwise involved in a motor vehicle accident occurs more frequently than every ten seconds at nine seconds.

Many of those who have been hurt by a car or hurt by another driver in South Carolina are the victims of drunk driving incidents. Drunk driving refers to someone who is driving at a blood alcohol level of more than .08. Anything else is considered to be above the legal limit not only in South Carolina but in many other places in the United States. Even driving while tipsy can be hugely dangerous, as any slowing of judgement or reaction times can – although it may seem minor – have immense consequences.

Unfortunately, drunk driving is all too common not only in South Carolina but in the United States as a whole. It is estimated that in the span of a single day in the United States more than three hundred thousand drunk and otherwise intoxicated people get behind the wheel of a car. And far too many people are not caught driving while intoxicated every time that they do so. Though around three to four thousand people are pulled over for drunk driving every day, the average person who drives drunk will drive drunk or otherwise intoxicated as many as eighty times before being stopped and charged with a DUI. And alcohol is not the only culprit when it comes to driving while intoxicated. Other drugs, both legal and illegal alike, led to nearly twenty percent of the motor vehicle accidents in the United States in the span of just one year – some of which were fatal or severely life altering. In South Carolina, more than one percent of the population has currently admitted to driving while intoxicated at least once throughout the year, if not more frequently.

From getting hit by a car to causing a car accident due to reckless or even negligent driving, a car accident attorney is likely to take on your case if liability can clearly be established. If you are the victim of being hit by a car or another similar accident, it is likely that you will be entitled money – a pay out for the all of the pain and suffering that you have endured as a result of the accident you were the victim of. Such accidents will often lead to extremely high medical bills, extended physical therapy, and an inability to work. In such cases, times become tough in regards to finances. For such people, a settlement payment may help them get back on their feet again.

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