Legal Adoption attorney,Defense lawyer,Trusts and wills What You Should Know About Some Of The Common Personal Injury Accidents And Legal Cases Seen Throughout The United States

What You Should Know About Some Of The Common Personal Injury Accidents And Legal Cases Seen Throughout The United States

The legal world is a complex and varied one all throughout the United States, there is certainly no doubting this fact. After all, there are so many different subsets of the law, from slip and fall cases to cases that revolve around the creation of trusts and wills. Real estate attorneys are quite commonplace, as too is the average divorce lawyer and defense attorney.

For instance, personal injury cases are quite relevant in our world, revolving around everything from car accident cases to slip and fall cases that take place in any given workforce. In fact, up to six million car and other such motor vehicle accidents occur over the course of any given year. It’s no surprise, then, that more than half of all personal injury cases are linked to car accidents.

After all, there are many preventable causes behind these motor vehicle accidents. Driving while under the influence, particularly of alcohol, is an especially common cause throughout the United States. In fact, up to 300,000 people get behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol each and every year – with the average driver only getting apprehended after driving drunk for an average of 80 total times. This leads to high incidence rates for all kinds of drunk driving, with up to 28 people dying in drunk driving related accidents for each and every day that passes by. And a new person will become injured in a drunk driving related incident for every two minute span of time that passes – and sometimes, these injuries are quite incredibly severe indeed.

Slip and fall accidents are also common. After all, all that is required for a slip and fall accident is an unsafe area of flooring. Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents happen all too frequently in the workplaces found all throughout the country – and these slip and fall accidents can end up being more severe than the average person actually realizes. Slip and fall accidents can even lead to death and various spinal cord injuries – something that many people are not actually aware of as being a possibility. In some cases, the family members of those who are victim to a deadly slip and fall accident will even file a wrongful death suit, as a wrongful death claim can actually be filed for as many as two years after the incident actually occurs, at least in states such as the state of Alabama.

Aside from personal injury cases and cases like slip and fall accidents, the average law firm dealing with divorces is also in high demand. After all, divorce itself is quite incredibly common. Each and every year, in fact, very nearly one million couples will seek out a divorced throughout the United States alone, let alone in any other part of the world. This means that a new divorce is actually finalized for every passing 36 seconds. Unfortunately, more than half of all second and third marriages ultimately fail and even more than 40% of all first marriages will also end in divorce.

As any given divorce attorney will be all too aware of, the process of getting a divorce can most certainly be a contentious one. Unfortunately, divorce proceedings become even more difficult when children are involved and a custody agreement must ultimately be reached. And this is quite common indeed, as up to one million children are involved to some level in various divorce proceedings – all within the span of just one single year. In fact, some 30% of all divorces will involve minor children and the custody decisions surrounding them.

At the end of the day, it is always a good idea to seek some form of legal counsel for all legal proceedings that you might be involved in. From slip and fall personal injury cases to divorce cases to even just setting up a living will or going through the process of estate planning, there are many cases in which it is ideal to get a lawyer and have that legal advice and counsel through whatever legal proceedings you might be going through.

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