Have You Been Injured At Work?

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Have you been inured at work? You need a lawyer on your side.

From brain injuries that qualify you for state disability benefits to improper training that leaves you in a bad position when you clock on for your shift, it seems the possibilities for a personal injury claim are endless. When you’re facing the onset of medical bills and weeks without work, an attorney can make sense of this mess and get you back on the right track again. There are many different lawyers working today, from those that help people injured at work to motorcycle attorneys specializing in motor vehicle crashes.

You can’t take advantage of resources you don’t know about. Here is just a taste of what an attorney can do for you in your time of need.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving rates have remained high enough to be one of the most common issues brought to personal injury courts, despite seeing a decline through the efforts of both local laws and awareness campaigns. Road traffic crashes have been found to be the ninth leading cause of death and account for nearly 3% of all deaths around the world. Experts have estimated that traffic injuries could even become the fifth leading cause of death in just the next decade. When it comes to being injured at work, something as simple as a wet floor can see your entire month being turned upside down.

Slip And Fall

A single slip can have devastating consequences. You can sprain your ankle and be out of the job for weeks. You can break a bone and require surgery. Even a minor injury can still make it difficult to attend to your obligations, leaving you stressed and frustrated throughout the work week. A recent study found as many as 85% of worker’s compensation claims being attributed to slipping on slick floors alone. A negligent workplace or poor directives can cause slips and falls, either of which should be discussed with a slip and fall attorney. Being injured at work shouldn’t cost you your job.

Negligent Driver

Not all car crashes are alike. Some are caused by drunk driving, others by speeding, yet more by distracted driving. If you suspect the cause of your car crash is due in part to negligence on behalf of another driver, contacting an attorney should be high on your list. This is due to the amount of work required to reach an honest conclusion, from interrogating witnesses to cooperating with local law enforcement. Distracted driving claimed over 3,400 lives back in 2015. It’s thought as many as 20 million people are either injured or disable as a result of crashes every single day.

Motorcycle Crashes

It can seem strange to put negligent driver and drunk driving on a separate part of the list, but motorcycle crashes are widely considered in a league of their own. This is due to their increased propensity for death and extreme injury, with motor vehicle crashes remaining the third overall leading cause of fatal crashes around the world. Although motorcycle crashes decreased somewhat between 2013 and 2014, there were still over 4,000 motorcyclists killed on the road in 2014. A motorcycle attorney works in the field of car crashes and car-related injuries, able to provide you a set of directives to follow in the aftermath of your accident.

Finding An Attorney

When you’ve suffered a grievous injury and don’t know where to start rebuilding your life first, an attorney will make sure you’re being steered in the right direction. They will help you interrogate witnesses, cross-reference with your state laws and provide resources to help you with medical bills or therapy. Worker’s compensation can also see you properly accommodated should your personal injury suit go through. Reach out to your law firm and ask for a consultation to learn about their available attorneys, standard procedure and any other information you think would be relevant to your case.

Being injured at work isn’t the end. Let a professional see you through this rough time and lead you back out on top.

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