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Personal Auto Coverage Insurance

Purchasing car insurance can be difficult and overwhelming. This video explains the four types of basic coverage in a typical personal auto insurance policy.

Liability coverage is protection for when you are at fault in an automobile accident. This includes coverage for injuries of other people and coverage for their personal property.

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Next is medical payments coverage helps pay medical expenses related to you in an accident. Uninsured coverage protects you if you are involved in an accident with someone who breaks the law by not carrying their own auto liability insurance. It helps pay for any medical expenses you incur from an accident involving someone with no insurance. Nearly one in seven drivers on the road are uninsured. Additionally, there are options for an accident involving someone with insurance but does not have enough to cover medical expenses. The final piece of insurance is physical damage coverage which pays for direct and accidental loss to your vehicle. There are two parts to this: collision and other than collision. Collision is when your car impacts another vehicle or object, and other than collision covers almost any other type not excluded by the policy.


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