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What To Know Before Hiring a Family Lawyer

Are you in a situation that requires a family law lawyer? It is absolutely critical to get the best a lawyer you can in a family law case. This video will go over some top tips to consider before hiring a family law attorney.

The first thing to consider is the lawyer’s experience. You have to ask the questions, “how many years have you been doing family law defense? How many cases have you had? How well do you know the judge or opposing council?” Unless you hire a lawyer that attends the same court you will be at, it might be a mistake.

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You want someone who knows and understands the people at that specific court. Another aspect of important criteria for a family law attorney is to make sure the firm limits their practice to only family law. You do not want a lawyer that dabbles in other areas like DUI, personal injury, etc. If their time is being split, they may not know everything they need to know to benefit you. Lastly, find a lawyer that you are comfortable with. Ask the lawyer “how are you going to communicate with me?” This is important because sometimes lawyers will lack in communication after receiving payment.

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