Lawyers for Estate Planning and Divorce

Many delicate, life-altering procedures today can be a veritable labyrinth of clauses, paperwork, signatures, fees, and more, and this can be overwhelming for someone who intends to write a will or settle a difficult divorce. Estate planning and child custody law can be handled with the attorneys at a law firm, such as a divorce attorney or a real estate attorney. Estate planning and more do not have to be difficult; lawyers are there to help get anyone’s life on track.

Writing a Will

Despite the importance of having trusts and wills, many adult Americans do not even have one drafted, either due to procrastination or believing that their estate is too small to warrant bothering to write one. However, failing to have a written will can be a disaster for estate planning after the person has died and his/her estate is effectively up for grabs. Creditors may move in and seize the person’s estate before family members even get a chance to divide it among themselves, and this problem can be worse if the deceased had a privately owned business, where these problems of debt and asset ownership can be magnified on a capitalist scale. And even if creditors are not a problem, selfish or irresponsible family members might be, some of whom may take most or all of the estate and exploit other family members’ ignorance of how to handle it all.

However, real estate attorneys can be hired for estate planning at any point in one’s life. These attorneys can help a client draft a will that is professional and uses the law exactly to ensure that the person’s estate is handled as intended. For example, this means that the deceased’s money and physical assets are divided fairly among surviving family members, and this may be especially important if the deceased owned a business or simply a large estate. In fact, the owner of the will may be unsure him/herself how exactly to divide the estate, so the lawyer can help set up a sensible, fair plan for everyone in the will writer’s family.

Getting a Divorce Lawyer

In the event where a spouse files for divorce, one or both spouses may enlist the aid of a lawyer to make the process fair and efficient. According to Nolo, a household where drug abuse, violence, sexual abuse, or child abuse happens, getting a lawyer right away can protect a spouse (and a child, if necessary) from the other’s actions and to protect their rights. The attorney will advocate the rights of the partner he/she represents throughout the divorce, and this can provide much needed relief if the divorce involves such acts as property destruction, stealing and hiding assets, or threats of financial of physical ruin from the other spouse.

In some of the worst cases, having one’s divorce lawyer file a restraining order against the other spouse may be necessary, and the spouse with the lawyer may retreat to an undisclosed location to remain safe. This means that the other spouse, and any lawyer he or she might have, will conduct the divorce proceedings with the other spouse’s lawyer instead of with that other spouse in person. Child custody is another matter that the lawyers on both sides will pursue, along with the division of monetary and physical assets, with each side looking to make sure that a fair deal is had.

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