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Taking A Look At The Importance Of Hiring A Good Divorce Lawyer In the United States

As uncontested divorce lawyers know, divorce is very common not only here in the United States but in many other places all throughout the world as well. After all, even first marriages end in divorce in more than forty percent of all cases (around forty one percent, to be more exact). Uncontested divorce lawyers tend to specialize in relatively amicable divorces where both parties are seeking to end the marriage, but there are many cases where divorces become much more complicated, and the process of getting a divorce extends past an entire year (the typical amount of time it takes to get divorced all throughout the country).

Before getting a divorce, many people will attempt to save the marriage first, with many couples seeking therapy for the problems that they are having. Couples therapy is common in the United States, and up to half of all cases that the average couples therapist will see are brought in because of issues with infidelity and cheating. In some cases, trust is able to be rebuilt and the marriage goes on, sometimes even to find greater happiness than ever before. In many cases, however, the couple eventually separate and seek the aide of uncontested divorce lawyers in their area, who are often the best divorce lawyers that they can find (after all, infidelity is the number one cause of divorce, with more than twenty percent of all relationships that have suffered infidelity ending in separation and divorce).

There are a number of other causes of divorce here in the United States. Drug usage, especially when it is habitual, is a common one. In fact, it’s currently estimated that more than ten percent of all divorcing couples here in the United States are doing so in direct relation to drug usage and abuse. Of course, sometimes simple incompatibility will also lead to divorce – at least it does in more than nineteen percent of all divorce cases throughout the country.

Of course, there are many times that divorce become much more complicated than what the average uncontested divorce lawyers can handle, as was briefly alluded to above. In such cases, children are typically involved and instead of uncontested divorce lawyers, family law attorneys are often hired and brought onto the case. When the children are adults, there’s no need for such a family law attorney. However, in the case of minors custody will need to be decided and this can certainly be an issue of contention for many divorcing couples with young children.

In some cases, child custody will be able to be decided without the need for any intervention from any type of third party. However, these cases are in the minority, representing only around twenty nine percent of all such cases. In some cases – up to five percent of them – a formal custody evaluation will even need to occur, and this will often make the overall divorce proceedings far longer than they otherwise would have been.

However, many fathers feel that they get shorted, so to speak, when it comes to determining custody in the event of a divorce. After all, it’s estimated that only around twenty two percent of dads end up seeing their kids even just once a week after divorcing the child’s or children’s mother. In some cases, this is due to a lack of parental involvement on the father’s part. However, this is not the case in every single situation, and in many cases the father would be more than willing and happy to see his child or children more often.

Divorce is never a happy thing, and it is usually filled with difficult emotions that are nearly impossible to set aside, even when uncontested divorce lawyers are on the case. Uncontested divorce lawyers are usually enough for the typical divorce case but other solutions like mediation services should also be employed. This will help to improve the outcome of the divorce for both parties and can be hugely beneficial and well worth the time.

Divorce is difficult, but having the right lawyer can certainly be hugely instrumental and helpful.

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