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Personal Injury Settlements Explained

If you are not an expert on personal injury law, you may not know how much to ask for within a personal injury case. Watch this video for more information on personal injury law settlements.

How do you calculate pain and suffering?
Pain and suffering can play an important role in any personal injury case, but it can be very difficult to define.

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Pain suffering isn’t classified as solely physical pain. For example, pain and suffering can include an amateur soccer player’s inability to play the game they love. Or it can be a fiancĂ© whose relationship has been deeply altered. Emotional distress can present itself in many different ways.

There are two main areas within the pain suffering umbrella: actual pain and discomfort or mental pain and suffering. Actual pain and discomfort can include future physical limitations like the inability to play with one’s children. Mental pain and suffering encompasses things like depression, mental anguish, or other mental disorders. It can also include the loss of the ability to make love with a partner or any other emotional or psychological trauma. It is the job of your personal injury lawyer to demonstrate the value of your pain and suffering to a jury. This can be hard to quantify so you want to make sure you hire someone with a deep understanding or personal injury law and pain suffering settlements.


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