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Understanding What Bail Bonds Are and How They Work

Bail bonds first start with the arrest. This is where the bail bonds process begins. When the person getting convicted starts the booking process can take several minutes to several hours.

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Depending on the location you are in jail, you might be able to get a bond instantly. Some bail bonds are set depending on what you went to jail for. This also depends on the state you reside in.

These quicker processes are often times more rare. Oftentimes, there are jails that require an appearance before the judge to determine the rate of your bail bond and how long until you can get one. Based on ties to the community, flight risk, and a criminal history, your bail bonds will be determined by the judge.

When a bond is set by the judge, the person in jail has many opportunities to get let free. The first option is a cash bond. If you can meet the set price set by the judge, you can then get bailed out of jail. You will get the money back in the end as long as the person doesn’t miss the court date. Property bonds are where you put your property up as collateral to set your bond. Finally, you can choose to go through a bonding company. This company will do the dirty work for you.


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