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How to Choose an Estate Planning Lawyer

This guide is about picking the right lawyer to help you with your estate plan. First, you want to decide how big of a law firm you want. Larger firms sometimes have special departments for different areas of law, like estate planning. On the other hand, smaller firms can give you more one-on-one attention, but if the lawyer you pick leaves, you might not know who gets your case.


Second, think about how much experience the lawyer has. Lawyers who haven’t been doing this for at least five years might not be the best choice.

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That’s particularly true if they don’t work with more experienced lawyers who can teach them.

Third, try to find a lawyer whose focus is estate planning and elder law. If a lawyer tries to do too many different things, they might not be an expert in one.


The estate planning lawyer should be good at listening to you and keeping you in the loop. To find one, ask your friends, family, or colleagues, maybe they know a good one in this field. Don’t forget to check online as well. Check out reviews and ratings to identify the good ones.


Next, when you’ve got a list going, it’s interview time. Schedule meetings with a few lawyers and ask them questions about their experience with estate planning. Also, familiarize yourself with their approach and how they charge for their services. Make sure you feel comfortable with them because you’ll be sharing personal information with them.


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