The Necessity For Construction Lawyers

When do i need a lawyer

For the construction industry, the implementation of a commercial real estate attorney can be important for a number of situations, often those considered to be civil cases, of which the plaintiff wins nearly seventy percent of the time when the case is filed with a state court and still more than half of the time if the case goes to trial in front of the a jury. And the construction industry, as it is worth so much (more than one thousand billion dollars in 2016), is an important industry to protect.

To find the right commercial real estate attorney, a construction company should seek out a well rated law firm well versed in labor law, as many of the civil cases that construction companies deal with have to do with disputes regarding issues with their workers. Many construction workers are unhappy with the terms of their contract or the way that they have been let go from working on a construction project or with a specific construction company, and some are likely to file civil cases against the construction company that they were fired from. It is important that the right construction real estate attorney is on board and that the legal support system for the construction company is sound. The right business litigation attorney can inform a construction agency on important legal information, such as the fact that a breach of contract claim must typically be filed within four years for it to be considered a valid claim. This law is specific to the state of Texas and it will vary slightly from state to state, so it is important that a construction company and their legal representation be well versed in the construction law of their region or state. A construction lawyer will typically be very knowledgeable about such information, so having a good construction lawyer on your team is vital.

commercial real estate attorney or construction lawyer can also help construction companies to protect themselves legally when beginning a new construction project, either for building a brand new structure or even when conducting renovations or additions to an already existing building. Builders risk coverage will be recommended in the vast majority of situations by the commercial real estate attorney, as it is one of the most popular and effective ways that a construction company can thoroughly protect itself. A builders risk coverage contract typically lasts for one year and will cover a wide variety of construction projects, from the construct of new buildings to renovations or additions added to already existing ones.

Hiring a construction lawyer for a construction company is more necessary than many people may realize. From protecting construction companies with builders risk coverage to protecting those same companies against civil claims filed by disgruntled former employees, the role of a lawyer employed by any typical construction company is an important one. Construction work is an important industry, as it very literally provides us with the roofs over our heads. It’s in all of our best interests that it stays as protected as possible. A construction lawyer can make this a reality.

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