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Hiring Legal Help for Divorce or a Car Accident

For some legal proceedings or accident cases in the United States today, a person is strongly urged to look for legal help so that they can accomplish what they are trying to do, whether to get settlement money from a car insurance company after a car crash, or to get a divorce lawyer during a divorce case (especially if children under the age of 18 are involved). An accident lawyer can be reached after someone has been in a car crash or suffered an injury at the workplace, such as at a construction site, and an accident lawyer from a specialized law firm will know how to use the law to promote their client’s case after an injury. And a divorce attorney will be able to promote his or her client’s side of a divorce case and may compete with the other spouse’s own attorney, such as for child custody cases. Legal help may be just a phone call or Internet search away.

Legal Aid for Divorce

It has commonly been accepted that nearly half of all marriages today end in divorce, and when a divorce is filed, the case may be made more complicated if a lot of property or children under the age of 18 are involved, and it is likely that both spouses will have a legal representative working for them. In fact, over one million children are involved in divorce proceedings across the United States every year, and where they end up may be based strongly on the work of legal aid and third parties.

Why do Americans divorce? Infidelity is the leading cause, and other major causes include drug or alcohol abuse by one or both spouses, or a simple lack of compatibility. Often, if two people date for more than three years before engagement, their marriage is more likely to survive than if they dated for a year or less. Issues with money or lifestyle, such as whether to save money or invest in something, or whether or not to travel a lot, may also disrupt a marriage.

One of the spouses (most often women) will file for divorce if they feel that it is necessary, and they may also take any and all of the kids with them to an undisclosed place of residence if the other spouse is abusing drugs, violent, or threatening the family. From their secure location, the other spouse may file for divorce, and the other spouse may hire their own legal aid to promote their side of the divorce.

Injury and Attorneys

An accident lawyer can go a long way to promoting their client’s case after an injury, such as after a car crash or a workplace accident. On the road, for example, many Americans are impaired drivers, either because they are driving drunk (which is a crime even if there is no collision) or drivers are distracted, meaning that they are preoccupied with an electronic device or the car’s dashboard features. In other cases, bad weather such as heavy rain or snow can cause drivers to lose control even if they are sober and paying attention. And at the workplace, such as at a factory or construction site, workers may be injured from getting body parts trapped in machines, or they may slip or fall, inhale dangerous fumes or airborne particles, or they may be exposed to harmful chemicals or open flames. A construction project, for example, may be halted until a personal injury case like this is resolved.

Hiring an accident lawyer is a matter of looking up local law firms that specialize in such cases, such as a personal injury firm (ideal for car crash victims) or a construction law firm. The client can get consultations with the lawyers who work there (which may or may not incur a fee), and find a lawyer whose skills, experience, personality, and educational background are all to the client’s liking. Once the client hires an accident lawyer, the both of them will work together to build their case and get settlement from the at-fault party or their insurance company. The case will probably be resolved in pre-court litigation; it is rare for such a case to go to actual court, although this is certainly possible in some cases.

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