Why Aviation Workers Might Need an Attorney

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While your chances of dying in a plane crash are slim — a one in 29.4 million chance of death, in fact — those who work in the airline or freight or private aviation industry might have need of advice should a plane crash occur. If you are wondering what to do after a plane crash, an air accident attorney can assist you. Whether you are a flight instructor, an airline pilot or an air cargo worker, aviation lawyer for pilots offer advice and representation for those injured on duty in an air accident or for the family of those killed in plane disasters or other workplace mishaps.

According to StatisticBrain, one fifth of all plane crashes in which deaths are record occur because of mechanical failure and in many of those qualify for workplace compensation claims. Personal injury lawyers can advise on injuries that happen at work in the aviation industry. Just more than half (53%) of fatal air crashes result from human error. Despite this, there are just 12.25 deaths for every one million flying hours recorded, making flying one of the safest forms of transport. In fact a report by Northwestern University found that there were just 0.07 fatalities for every one billion passenger miles. The survival rate for passengers on fatal plane crashes is 24%, according to StatisticBrain.

According to the Aerospace Industry Association, there are over 600,000 people employed in aviation in the United States. While crashes are the most high profile of accidents in the industry, worker injuries can take a variety of forms, all eligible for workers compensation claims. In such circumstances finding a good attorney is vital. Whether you need advice on what to do after a plane crash or representation for a workplace accident on the ground, plane accident lawyers can help. Almost three quarters of all states require that all businesses — including all aviation businesses — have some form of workers compensation in place.

In cases of negligence, civil lawsuits might be pursued. Civil lawsuits cost the American economy over $230 billion every year and approximately $800 per citizen. Professional legal advice can help you decide how to proceed, whether it is a case of workers compensation or a civil claim.

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