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Top Services Offered by Real Estate Lawyers

A career in law can encompass a vast array of specialties. One possible focus can be on real estate. However, real estate lawyers almost seem to complete the jobs of multiple occupations in one position because the skills they offer cover such a wide range.

One essential job of a real estate lawyer is to draw up real estate contracts.

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These can be for residential settings or commercial settings and also include leases. Real estate attorneys also act as consultants for many kinds of residential disputes, such as conflicts over property between neighbors.

These lawyers also assist with many tasks for commercial entities, such as drawing up LLCs to conduct business after the closing of a contract. If a company needs help understanding local ordinances or zoning issues that affect how they operate, a real estate lawyer can provide their expertise.

Sometimes real estate lawyers help with re-titling property. They can help someone put an investment property they’ve received into an LLC or a trust. Re-titling might also be necessary after a marriage. If a property is in one spouse’s name but the partners wish to share ownership of it legally, a real estate lawyer can lend a hand.

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