Let a Divorce Lawyer Do the Work for You

Updated 7/26/22.

Divorce can be a painful time for everyone involved. Fortunately, a divorce attorney can help shoulder some of the burden. Divorce is both a personal and legal affair, being two sides of the same coin. The best divorce attorneys understand this and work to handle legal matters so family members can focus on processing the emotional ordeals. A divorce attorney can file the divorce papers and keep you apprised of the ongoing proceedings.

Many people have lots of questions when it comes to divorce. And finding the answers to these questions can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a top-notch divorce lawyer on your side. What is the divorce process time in the United States? Can a no-fault divorce be contested? Can you find free legal divorce papers online? A lawyer can provide answers.

The exact answers may vary based on the jurisdiction. Each state has its own laws regarding divorce and the variations can have a huge impact on your individual case. You’ll need to conduct research specific regarding your state. Even then, however, the specifics of your case and situation can lead to different answers and outcomes.

Given how complicated divorce is, it’s wise to work with a divorce attorney.

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Child custody is a heated debate couples engage in when they file for divorce. Children are often awarded to their mother during custody struggles, leaving child support to the father. The amount of money allocated to child support is typically decided based on an individual’s wages. About 20 percent of a person’s yearly wages are seized for these fees. With such a high price tag, it is no surprise that about 40 percent of child support payments are never paid on time. This can be the cause of several disputes between a couple, prompting each one to hire a divorce attorney to hound each other about the money. If you are considering divorce, getting an lawyer to help you might be the best first step.

How much does a divorce lawyer cost? It depends on the kind of attorney you are looking for. A family divorce lawyer might work independently or part of a firm. If they work for a law firm, they may charge a particular fee per hour. Also, certain services like negotiating with your spouse’s attorney, and preparing paperwork come with an extra fee on top of the hourly rate. In addition, you will have to pay court fees. Despite the price tag, more than 6,000 American file for divorce every year and only about 40 percent of second marriages are successful. For this reason, many people try to find good divorce lawyers to ease the process of divorce.

Child custody battles are painful for everyone in the family, as well as expensive, but either parent can receive support from the court. In fact, about 30 percent of American men are given support awards if they have joint custody of their children. Despite the help, people still spend a lot of money on divorces, and they to do so because a lawyer can weed through all the legalities of divorce. Also, many couples cannot agree upon important issues on their own and need a lawyer to be the neutral party. But if you can work with your spouse to resolve important issues before you consult a lawyer, you can save some money. Every dollar can be helpful when you are facing one of the costliest decisions of your life. The answer to how much does a divorce lawyer cost, is not an easy one, and it depends on what services you require. Either way, the money will be worth it.

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