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When you married your high school boyfriend you never imagined that you would find yourself in this dangerous situation. Although you met in high school, you waited until you completed your college degree in secondary education before you married. Even after that wait, however, things did not go well. You do not know if it is because you have a degree and he does not or if it is because of how happy you are in your high school classroom teaching math, but for whatever reason things have not been going well. The last few nights, in fact, you have left the house in fear that you were not safe.
Your husband has never hit you, but you fear that they may be a possibility. In an effort to look out for yourself you have instead left the house when you feel unsafe. Your leaving, however, seems to make your husband even more angry. You are glad you do not have any children yet because your husband’s sudden temper is frightening. You have asked him to go to counseling with you, but so far he has refused. At a loss for what to do next, you are making considering making an appointment with a knowledgeable and caring lawyer.
You have lived through other friends’ battle with angry and violent husbands, and you are not about to become one of the domestic violence cases that you read about it in the newspaper.
Do You Know Who to Turn to If You Are Feeling Unsafe?
Domestic violence cases are dangerous. Unfortunately, even though they are dangerous they are frighteningly common. In fact, 25% of women will experience domestic violence during her lifetime. With the help of a domestic violence attorney, however, these women can find either the protection or the escape that they need. A skilled and compassionate lawyer knows what questions to ask and understands the importance getting women out of unhealthy or dangerous situations. Attorneys for domestic violence cases do not guarantee that they can solve all problems, but without the proper legal advice you may likely find yourself in a situation where you do not see an escape route.

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