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Why SEO is Important for Lawyers

Are you looking for ways to boost your business clientele? If so, then you should consider SEO. SEO is a great way to make your firm more known and attract more clients. So, how does SEO for lawyers work? Tune in to watch this video to find out.

Marketing for lawyers can seem like a waste of time, but without it, you might not be able to drive people to your firm who need legal assistance. Sure, you can rely on word of mouth and referrals but who doesn’t want a great attorney website design? Actually, about 81% of law firms have some kind of presence on social media.

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Whether or not they are doing it the right way is the real question.

If you want your presence to be known on the web and double your traffic, then small law firm marketing is a must. So, what is local SEO for attorneys? Local SEO will make it so your website is showing up high on google search engines for the right keywords that prospective clients would type in. These keywords are most likely going to be practice and area location-specific. Continue on with the video to learn more!


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