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Top Service Industries in the United States

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People use more service industries in their daily lives than they could ever imagine. This makes them one of the most important parts of the economy, which drives business. In turn, this means that while the service industry might not be easy to work in, there is a lot of room for success if you are to work in or start a business in the service industry. This is particularly true if you find yourself working in one of the top service industries.

The question then becomes, if people tend to overlook service industries, how would you know what the top service industries are? There are a lot of variables to consider, including where you live and the time of year. However, the key is to think about any time someone has directly helped you with a need in your daily life. Here are a few of the top service industries around the country.

The Legal Industry

Most people don’t think of the legal system when they think of service industries. Then again, most people tend to think of the legal industry as simply what they see on TV. That isn’t to say that criminal attorneys aren’t offering a service. They absolutely are, and a vital one to the structure of society, but they’re also the tip of the iceberg. Still, starting with those criminal attorneys, it’s clear where they’re doing a service. A defense attorney works directly with someone accused of a crime. Oftentimes, they do so at no cost to the defendant. This service is designed to give everyone an equal defense under the law. The other side of that is the prosecution, which has a duty of bringing charges on behalf of the people.

The legal industry doesn’t stop there, though. Everyone who has a will written, or needs any kind of legal contract written up, needs that service completed by an attorney. If you’re in a situation where you need to require damages, you’re reliant on a lawyer. The list of reasons you may need a lawyer goes on from there. It also proves the point that almost everyone is going to rely on the services of a lawyer at some point in their lives.

The Elderly Care Industry

A lot of times, people tend to think of the care industry as circling around children, which isn’t entirely inaccurate. Care for children, especially for working families, is a vital service industry. However, just as important is the elderly care industry. Many elderly people do not want to give up their independence, but they often still need help in their daily lives. However, their families often don’t have time to take care of them personally. Because of this, there are a few different options.

The first option is to look into a travelling nurse. A travelling nurse is someone who is going to come into the home and take care of someone who needs attention during the day. This way an elderly person receives the care and attention they need, while maintaining their independence. When this isn’t possible, though, you need to start looking at an elderly care facility for someone who needs this attention. The best of these facilities offers extensive medical care, activities, and amenities for their residents, making this one of the most important service industries someone uses in their life.

The Landscaping Industry

Having a good lawn is a great thing. It shows that you’re taking care of your home, raises the value of your home, and gives you an opportunity to use the outdoor space that you may not have otherwise had. Many people love to take the time and take care of their yard themselves. That way they know the yard is being taken care of properly. For many people, though, they’re simply too busy in their daily lives to get the work done themselves. So, they need to turn to a service industry to maintain their lawn for them.

That industry is the landscaping industry, and it is becoming more and more popular for people to hire landscapers to maintain their yard on a weekly basis than it ever has been before. Of course, the landscaping industry has always been popular for major projects, like artificial turf installation, aerating the lawn, and planting bushes or trees. However, now it’s becoming much more important for people to rely on them for everything around the yard.

As for the landscaping industry, it may seem like it’s only a seasonal job, depending on where in the country you live. However, in regions of the country where the ground freezes and there is snow, many landscapers become snowplow drivers. In this case, they go from client to client, using a plow to clear out their driveways. In the case of a landscaper who has a city contract, this can include plowing public parking lots too.

The Home Renovation Industry

Every home is going to need work done to it at some point. As things age, they break down or come out of style and need to be fixed or replaced. For most people, they don’t have the skills to actually make these changes around their homes, which leads to them relying on another service industry. This is the home renovation industry, where the workers are often referred to as handymen.

One common type of renovation you will see is a roofing service. This will have a roofing company, which is a specific type of home renovation, send a roofer to your home to fix any damages that may have occurred to it. They will then replace an old roof for you with a new one that is going to look better, while also not letting air leak into or out of your home. This is just one type of the many extensive offerings that you may see from home renovation. For instance, garage door installation, which can give you a new automatic door that can be used remotely is very popular now. Concrete work around your home, like the walkway or driveway, is incredibly popular work too, as it makes your home more valuable and better for you to use.

The list of options that a home renovation can offer you are incredibly extensive. However, it is worth noting that this is different than the construction industry. A crane rental service or forklift service are not going to be options that are widely available from a handyman in the home renovation industry. However, while the construction industry itself is not generally classified as being part of a service industry, there is one major way where the construction industry acts like it. People often will buy plots of land and design their own dream home on that land. This way they can have everything they want out of their home. In this case, they need to go through specific construction companies who specialize in this kind of project, which acts as a service industry job.

The Pet Care Industry

The pet care industry is one of the most expansive service industries in the country. That’s because people tend to be obsessed with their pets, wanting only the best possible care and attention paid to them. Truly, they’re a part of the family. So, considering all of this, it should be no surprise that the industry has become so massive.

It starts with a pet’s healthcare. Going to the vet, like going to the doctor for a human, is necessary to make sure that they’re healthy. With this comes a number of medical procedures that may occur, including getting a pet fixed or treating them for an issue like worms. That’s just the start of the pet industry though. Many people like to take their pets to the groomers. This way their pet stays clean, comfortable, looks good, and they don’t have to do it at home. After all, it’s possible to give a dog a bath at home, but it’s a massive project to take on and many people would rather let someone else handle the project.

Pet training classes are also incredibly common, as knowing how to train your pet isn’t easy. However, these classes let you work with your pet and through a trainer to make sure that you have built that bond as well as possible between the two of you. Furthermore, for people who work and don’t want to leave their pets alone, there is an extensive list of options. You can take your pet to a doggy daycare, hire a dog walker, or even a dog sitter to make sure your pet is ok. For overnight stays, there are kennels and dog hotels that your pets can stay at, giving them a great opportunity to socialize.

The pet care industry doesn’t stop there, and with the obsession that most people have with their pets it isn’t going away anytime soon.

The Hospitality Industry

Perhaps the best-known industry is the hospitality industry. It exists everywhere in the world in some form or another and comes in a wide range of options. Essentially, the hospitality industry refers to a job or company that is servicing someone who is in need of lodging, food, or other services. Typically, though not always, this is an industry that serves people who are on vacation or taking a trip of some kind.

People, before anything else, tend to think about hotels when they think of the hospitality industry. These hotels serve different purposes, depending on where in the country you are at a given time. For instance, there are plenty of hotels lining the highways of the country, which are otherwise in the middle of nowhere. These are designed to serve travelers as they may need to stop for the night. Other times, you will see a hotel that is near the beach, serving a seasonal audience of tourists. This list of possibilities goes on from there. It’s also just the tip of the iceberg. Restaurants and bars are also members of the hospitality industry. Some of these are certainly designed to serve tourists visiting a city or specific part of the country. However, for the most part, these are designed to serve the locals to a particular area that they are in. For bars, the same thing can be said.

Of course, the hospitality industry goes into several different, more specified areas from there. This includes the event planning industry, like weddings, which are seasonally driven. It also includes the theme park and cruise industries. Respectively, these both have some variance to their target audience, but they’re generally trying to get families to go to them for a vacation where they stay immersed in the experience the entire time. Furthermore, there is some variation into tour operators, ski clubs, country clubs, and a host of other options. In other words, the hospitality industry is an extreme form of the service industry.

The truth is that being able to define a service industry is difficult to do. It’s one of those things that you know when you see it. However, to put it as simply as possible, the service industry involves jobs and companies that interact in a unique way with their customers. They are guaranteeing a service, rather than a product, with their customers. However, they have to do this while maintaining excellent customer service and finding an appropriate value for that service that they offer. Nothing about that is easy to do. However, it is incredibly important to the structure of society as a whole. Furthermore, the top service industry jobs in the world, due to their importance, have managed to find a role in the economy as being both vital and great opportunity.

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