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Top Qualities to Look For in Criminal Attorneys

Seeking legal assistance in a criminal case means relying on a trusted attorney. This video provides expert advice from a criminal defense attorney on exactly what qualities to look out for when hiring an attorney—and what to avoid. Here are the top takeaways.

1. Good criminal attorneys don’t guarantee results. If a lawyer states that they will definitely win, this is unfair to the defendant as they can’t prepare for alternative outcomes.

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A good attorney will provide all the possible options.

2. All clients should meet a lawyer in person before deciding to hire them. This provides opportunities to ask questions, review paperwork, and discuss fees. It also gives lawyers the chance to set realistic expectations prior to an individual making a financial commitment.

3. Seek an attorney who is patient and clear. Successful criminal attorneys won’t mind explaining aspects of the legal process. This is because it ensures clients understand what’s expected of them.

4. Ensure an attorney takes a humanizing approach. Relying on facts, figures, and evidence alone isn’t always enough. Attorneys should be able to present clients as humans, capable of errors and just as capable of growth and change.

Always check for these qualities when choosing a criminal lawyer. Compare costs and find out exactly what process and approach an attorney uses. And remember, no ethical lawyer will ever guarantee a positive outcome.


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