Three Reasons Why People Get Divorced In Today’s World

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Why does divorce happen? Most of us try to avoid divorce as much we possibly can; many people are romantics at heart, and even when their marriage isn’t working out as they thought it would, they would prefer to stay with their spouses if at all possible. Yet divorce still happens, and many of us are left understanding why. Trying to answer this question leads many people to blame themselves, and this can lead to issues like depression, among other things. For that matter, many feel so badly about their divorces that they don’t do what they must to protect themselves in divorce proceedings. Even if you don’t want to get divorced, if your spouse wants it to happen you can’t stop them from divorcing you. What you can do is seek advice and help from divorce lawyers who will ensure that your rights at protected. Perhaps you’re embarrassed about seeking divorce advice from an attorney — you shouldn’t be. There are plenty of questions to ask an attorney about divorce that will not only benefit you, but your family in the long term. The way a divorce proceeds will depend on why it’s happening, what the ultimate goal is, and factors that are particular to you as an individual. Divorce for physicians doesn’t work out the same way as divorce for business owners, for example. Let’s look into some of the reasons why people get divorced — and why you shouldn’t be ashamed if it happens to you.

1. Work

Unfortunately, work can affect a person’s marriage negatively. While work is never solely responsible for a divorce, the way people handle their hours and commitments can certainly affect their marriage in a negative way. Divorce for business owners may happen because business owners have certain responsibilities and pressures that aren’t experienced by other people. But at the same time, there are certain jobs that are more at risk for divorce — including those of salespeople, podiatrists, optometrists, nuclear engineers, and agriculture engineers. Divorce for business owners simply become more complicated than these in some circumstances because of asset issues, especially if the spouse who didn’t own the business at one point invested in it. This isn’t to say that you should switch jobs because you’re worried that it may affect your marriage. It isn’t the jobs themselves that are the issues, but how their demands are met and handled. For that matter, even if the spouse with the demanding career handles their hours as well as they can — that doesn’t mean this will be enough for the other spouse.

2. Lack Of Intimacy

This is a major issue for almost all divorces. A lack of intimacy can be caused by the above problem — or it can be caused for no reason in particular. Sometimes, people just fall out of love with each other. Part of the reason why this happens can simply be because the spouses were not an ideal match in the first place. As much as you may love someone when you marry them, you may not fully know them or yourself, especially if you marry young. This is why marriages tend to last longer if the spouses marry older, both have a high level of education, and earn more money. These people are more likely to know what they’re getting themselves into, as it were. Referencing divorce for business owners again, a lack of intimacy could be caused by people living very separate lives — while you don’t need to do everything with your spouse, if you don’t know about their passions or everyday life and share with them in some way, your marriage may have problems.

3. Betrayal

Infidelity and betrayal are among the top five reasons for divorce — along with financial problems, loss of interest, abuse, and communication issues. That being said, many people can move past infidelity. This really is a wildcard of a problem; for some, it’s forgivable, and for others, it’s impossible to move past. You won’t know until you attempt to move past it.

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