Get the Help of a Family Lawyer to Work Towards an Uncontested Divorce

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Did you know that Nevada has the highest divorce rate, at 11% of couples divorcing? For some people a divorce makes more sense than a miserable marriage, but that does not change the fact that the legal process can be complicated, and financially damaging. During a divorce there are certain terms that must be decided on, such as how debt and property will be divided, how children will be cared for, and whether child or spousal support will be required.

As you work through your divorce, consider getting the help of a family lawyer so that you can have an uncontested divorce.

  • What is uncontested divorce?
  • If there is ever an ideal situation in terms of divorce, it is where both partners in the marriage decide on terms without going to trial. This is formally known as an uncontested divorce, and it means that a case will move quickly through the courts, and will ultimately be less expensive than a contested divorce.

  • What do family lawyers do?
  • Family lawyers specialize in many legal matters that can affect a family, including child support and custody, division of assets and liabilities in a divorce, adoption, protection from abuse, child neglect, paternity, and even termination of parental rights. Perhaps most importantly, they can help you reach an uncontested divorce. While this will be an important goal for you financially, it is also important to attempt to come to an uncontested divorce with children in order to minimize the emotional distress of everyone in a family.

  • Do I need a family law attorney?
  • An attorney will be especially helpful if what is uncontested divorce at first suddenly becomes contested somewhere in the process. You may even find a family law attorney who is also an attorney for child custody. Child custody lawyers may be necessary when you and your ex-spouse are unable to agree on division of time and care for children of the marriage.

    The divorce rate is approximately 41% in America, and so about one million people each year become the children of divorced or separated parents. Divorce is never easy, but it can be the most responsible course of action. To make a divorce as easy as possible, and to do as little harm to everyone who will be affected by the divorce, strive for an uncontested divorce with the help of a family lawyer.

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