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New york birth injury lawyer

“Feeling very blessed today that I am able to go to the gym and work out. It’s the little things we some times take for granted.”
“Woke up this morning unable to get out of bed. Scary when I cannot put any weight on my left leg.”
“I had an MRI today. Praying that things are stable.”
These social media postings by an adult with ccerebral palsy indicate the uncertainty that some people live with.
A cerebral palsy diagnosis makes for an unpredictable life. While some cerebral palsy symptoms are constant, other symptoms seem to come and go away with therapy and other treatments. Unfortunately, many cases can be traced to a cerebral palsy birth trauma.
Almost all parent of children born with a birth defect would do well to consult an attorney to understand how to identify medical malpractice in the birth process.
Did you know that seven babies out of 1,000 babies will suffer a birth injury such as cerebral palsy or Erb?s palsy. Translated into smaller numbers, this is the same as:

  • 28,000 babies a year are born with a birth injury
  • 2,333 babies a month are born with a birth injury
  • 538 babies a week are born with a birth injury
  • 76 babies a day are born with a birth injury
  • 3 babies an hour are born with a birth injury

When the birth of a new baby occurs, families are looking for all of the reasons to celebrate. They are prepared to announce the weight and the length of the baby, as well as the exact minute of the arrival. They are not always ready, however, to deal with a devastating birth defect like a cerebral palsy diagnosis. Furthermore, the last thing most families are ready for assigning blame and investigating the the conditions of the delivery. As a result, it often takes the knowledge of a medical malpractice lawyer to help parents understand what they need to do.
As families prepare for the birth of a new baby, they rarely consider the possibility of a malpractice problem at the hospital. In the event things do not go as planned, however, parents may beed the help of a reliable birth injury lawyer.

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