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What Are IP Attorneys?

IP stands for intellectual property. An Intellectual Property Attorney protects inventions via patents.

Omni Legal group posted a video called “What do Patent Attorneys Do?” Attorney Omid Kahlifeh hosts this presentation, which explains two primary types of IP attorneys.

Omid speaks on the property of Silicon Valley Sportiva’s clubhouse as he educates patent applicants.

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The primary subject is intellectual property and the methods used to protect them.

For example, trademarks protect brands, but patents protect inventions. When applying for a patent, a client may deal with at least two types of attorneys.

The first patent attorney that an inventor might consult is a Transactional Attorney. This legal professional files the paperwork for their clients to assist them in attaining intellectual rights.

A Litigator, on the other hand, is one that most inventors hope to not have to deal with. This category of legal professional helps intellectual property owners file a lawsuit. In the process, the hope is that competitors will not steal trade secrets for financial gain ever again.

The Omni Legal Group provides both transactional and litigation expertise to their clients. This combination of services is what Omid calls a “hybrid” of the two types of patent attorneys. The hybrid legal counsel that Omni provides makes the company a one-stop shop for inventors.

Aside from that, Omid seems to like that Club Sportiva video shoot location. He used it as a tangible prop for demonstrating his points when explaining the patent legal process.

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