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Finding the Right Lawyers for Construction Companies

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Working in construction entails a lot of attention to detail, on the job and regarding the contracts that are entered when a job begins. When it comes to the legalities of the construction industry and the contracts involved, it is a good idea to find a good construction law firm to obtain the peace of mind that your rights and the rights of your company will be protected. Lawyers for construction companies can help to sort out a number of issues, from contract disputes to faulty installation claims.

Finding quality lawyers for construction companies

You cannot always foresee the issues that might arise when you are working with a new client or customer. When individuals or businesses hire a construction company to do a job, there are multiple factors that come into play, and these numerous factors can often lead to disagreements, misunderstandings, or other issues. Construction companies are hired because they are the experts and know how to get the desired job done accurately and efficiently.

When the process to build a structure does not coincide with what the client thinks should happen, there can be problems. Hiring a lawyer ahead of time to be able to call up to consult with when these issues do arise will save a lot of time and energy. If your company is not already connected to a good team of construction attorneys, asking around to find out who might be the best to work with is a good initial step. Others in the same industry who have a lot of experience in these aspects would likely have good leads on finding lawyers for construction companies.

Some of the issues you might face

From disputes regarding different types of coverage or contracts to disagreements about the way in which the structure was built, the right team of lawyers can help. Your company might be looking at issues involving builders risk coverage, which is typically written for at least one year in order to cover a brand new structure going up, or an existing building that is undergoing alterations including additions or repairs. If an agreement cannot be reached between the construction company and the client or the insurance company, the involvement of a quality law firm may be able to bring the situation to a resolution that everyone can be satisfied with.

Typically, alternative dispute resolution, often referred to simply as ADR, is the preferred method of conflict management within the construction world. On average, these cases can be wrapped up in less than eight months, from the filing date to the final ruling and award. In the construction world, legal disputes are usually no small thing. Over the course of one year, there were 551 cases in the construction industry that had claims of at least $500,000. Some cases are mediated while others are arbitration cases. The biggest construction case that was mediated was for $2.6 billion, and the biggest arbitration case was for $96 million. Altogether, the claims and counterclaims for that year within the industry was $5.5 billion.

There are ways to run a successful business without running into too many disputes. But it is always helpful to be prepared, in the case that something does pop up that needs the intervention of attorneys.

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