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4 Warning Signs You’ll Need a Divorce Lawyer

There are many reasons couples get divorced. A study published in the Journal of Family Issues found that infidelity was the number one cause of divorce. Couples therapists report that nearly 50% of their caseload comes from clients dealing with infidelity issues. However, a close second reason was simply due to 19.2% of those couples being incompatible. Regardless of why you’re getting divorced, it’s important to be prepared. With that in mind, here are four warning signs you’ll want to hire a divorce lawyer.

  • You Own a Home with Your Spouse

    It’s often the dream of many couples to get married and purchase a home together. This is great for couples that will stand the test of time. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Therefore, a house can quickly become a highly contested property between two people. You’ve likely spent countless hours working to purchase a property. If you want to have your best chance of keeping this property, you’ll need a divorce lawyer.
  • Sharing Ownership of a Business with Your Spouse

    Another reason to have divorce help is if you and your spouse own a business together. This often becomes quite complicated. There are many factors that go into dividing up ownership of a business. Hiring a divorce lawyer means having someone on your side to fight for your stake in a company.
  • Children are Involved in Your Divorce

    Long after divorce papers are presented, parents are going to be thinking about their children. In addition to splitting properties and businesses, this also happens regarding time spent with your children. Both stakes and tempers are high during many divorces where children are involved. Hiring a divorce lawyer is a must when you’re unable to agree on custody terms with the other party.
  • Representing Yourself Feels Uncomfortable

    There is a substantial amount of information regarding divorce law. Therefore, hiring a divorce lawyer is wise if you simply don’t have time to understand how these laws work. A lawyer will be able to navigate you throughout the entire divorce process. You’ve worked hard throughout your life. It makes sense to hire a lawyer in order to have help protecting the life you’ve built for yourself. Making the mistake of representing yourself could mean losing out on everything important in your life, especially if your spouse hired a lawyer.

In conclusion, there are several important signs it’s time to hire a lawyer for your divorce. It’s true that not every divorce needs to involve lawyers. Consider the circumstances, it’s rare that two couples are able to agree on each and every term of their divorce agreement. This is why it’s important to consider hiring a lawyer. Many divorces turn into disagreements. If you want your best chance at a favorable outcome during these proceedings, have a divorce lawyer on your side.

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