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What is an Expert Witness?

People who go into court need to bring witnesses with them who can testify to various facts that they present to the court. One of the types of witnesses that you want to have in your corner is an expert witness who knows what they are doing. An expert witness is someone who the court deems to have knowledge about a specific subject that is above and beyond what the average individual has.

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The kind of people who would easily be deemed as an expert include doctors, insurance agents, other attorneys, and many others. Essentially, anyone in a professional field who can prove that they have the expert knowledge that it takes to do their job well can be sworn in as an expert in the eyes of the court. Their testimony is likely to carry extra weight with the jury, and they can make the difference in a court case that comes before them. It is important to recognize the value of these experts and to use them to help win a case. Both sides have the chance to bring their own experts to the forefront, and both sides should try to take advantage of this whenever possible.

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