Police Dash Cams and Body Cams Protect Everyone

Police in car video

There have been a lot of media reports lately regarding accusations of police misconduct. A few of these cases were justified, but many more of them were likely to be follow ups to the legitimate cases of criminals attempting to get off from their committed crimes. Oftentimes, it can be difficult to prove or to disprove when these types of accusations are made, and it can cause many problems for the police departments, the police officer and their family members. They are often subject to many lengthy investigations and their moral code and their job responsibilities are then questioned. It would be very beneficial if all police officers had access to police car video camera systems that could capture every interaction they had with people. This would point out any cases of misconduct, and it would protect those police officers who are doing their job correctly, but who are still being accused of wrong doing.

Currently, 72% of the state police and highway patrol vehicles used for patrol are equipped with video systems. That still leaves a large percentage of police officers who do not have access to an in car camera system or a police dash cam. Another percentage of the officers who do have access to these police car video camera systems, may also not have one that is updated and can provide clear sound and video to it.

A police car video camera system will not only protect the officer and the defendants, it can also save the city and the city?s police department a lot of money. When accusations are made against a police officer, it can cost the city many dollars and resources during the investigation. The investigation must be funded, and the officer is unable to work during it. Other officers must be paid to pick up the extra work, sometimes with additional officers needing to be trained and hired.

Body cameras are another way for an officer to prove that their actions were justified. They are cameras that are worn on the body, documenting the officer?s moves and conversations when away from the car camera. According to a 2015 report by the Police Department for the City Council?s Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee, complaints against the San Diego police fell 40.5%, for the use of personal body force by officers fell 46.5%, and the use of pepper spray fell by 30.5% after the San Diego police department started using body cameras. 77% of officers said they think that body cameras are more effective than dash cams. Utilizing body cameras and police in car video systems is the best way to ensure accuracy.

In car police video systems provide police officers with a source of safety and security. They protect the officer, the person being charged and even the city police station. They provide clear images and sound as to what happened during an arrest or an interaction with a person. It can prevent false accusations and it can make investigations cheaper when police misconduct is present. They are a great idea for every police department, ensuring protection of their officers and their people, too.

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