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County Attorneys How They Help


Stabler. He’s the man on a show called Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. In that show, the SVU, as it is called, investigates crimes generally of a sexual nature where people are hurt in some way, often rapes, sexually assaulted, murdered, or are children. There are actual SVUs in real life, as part of Child Protective Services as well.

SVUs are present in many areas, including the rural Montana. Montana as a state has a fairly small population for the amount of area it covers. Rural Montana lives by the old way of life, farming and logging and generally subsisting on agriculture and manufacturing. There are some industries and job opportunities available there.

There is a city in Montana call Missoula. Therein the city is a special victims unit. The special victims unit in Missoula deals with issues in Missoula that pertain to children or are sexual crimes. This is a significant issue in many places. In Missoula, there are crimes that the special victims unit has to investigate.

There are some statistics about Missoula that are worth noting. They are:

  • In Missoula, your chance of becoming a victim of a property crime is one in 22.
  • Property crimes decreased in Montana 31% since 2000.
  • Your chance of becoming a victim of violent crime in Missoula is one in 190.
  • 3,700 crimes are committed in Missoula each year.
  • Montana county attorneys serve four-year terms.
  • In 2016, over 800 sexual assaults and 4,000 domestic violence crimes happened in Montana.
  • Over 60% of violent crimes processed in Missoula arise in the context of domestic violence.
  • Every 98 seconds, someone is sexually assaulted in the United States.
  • Kirsten Pabst launched Montana?s first formal Criminal Mediation Program.
  • Drug offenses account for 18% of arrests in Missoula.

There are some terms worth noting as well. They are attorney, chief elected prosecutor. county attorney, election, Kirsten Pabst, Kirsten Pabst Missoula, Kirsten Pabst Missoula county attorney, Missoula county attorney, smart on crime, special victims unit, and more. The special victims unit part of the terms is important.

There are many reasons why someone would run in an election in Missoula, Montana. One of these reasons is that a person would want to be a leader in a place that needs leader. After all, there are many crimes that happen in Missoula, Montana, and for this reason, people would need leaders.

There are some people running in the election to be the county attorney in Missoula, Montana. One of these people is a person called Kirsten Pabst. Kirsten Pabst is likely running for the county attorney position because she is qualified and believes she can make a different in Missoula.

Kirsten Pabst has some experience. She has served as the county attorney before, amassing a criminal record that is both good and innovative. As the statistic above states, she created the first formal Criminal Mediation Program in Montana, with likely and possibly effective results.

She has also defended the town and the city from attacks on its credibility, such as when Into Thin Air’s author published a book about the crimes and the mistreatment of criminals by Kirsten Pabst and the Missoula government. She tried to block the publishing by citing libel issues.

There are many possibilities when voting on a county attorney. A county attorney has the ability to prosecute individuals, to lead the task force in prosecuting those that have been charged with crimes. A county attorney can lead the attack against drugs, prostitution, and other crimes within the area.

Someone in the special victims unit has the possibility of investigating crimes that are in a difficult area. These crimes that the special victims unit will investigate may have to do with sexual crimes or barbaric crimes. These crimes may involve deadly torture and other ills.

The special victims unit may investigate violent crimes as well, or investigate crimes that have a component of violence. This may be a serious issue for many. Kirsten Pabst likely has experience in prosecuting those who have been charged with crimes that the special victims unit has investigated.

There are other issues as well. It is important for people to vote and to get out in the election where Kirsten Pabst will challenge her opponent for the county attorney seat. These are important things to know. Voting is important for many.

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