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Are you looking for litigation attorneys who will fight for your rights when you are in the midst of a securities fraud case? Securities fraud is alive and well in America – in fact, in 2014 alone, there were 633 corporate fraud cases pending. In 2009, securities and corporate fraud were combined and the amount of fraud cases extended far above 1,500! Securities fraud is another type of deceiving fraud that makes investors purchase based on false information that is given to them. In many cases, you will suffer extreme losses due to this fraud. We can help you with your business attorney needs, as a securities fraud lawyer who cares about your business aspects.

Everything You Need to Know About Securities Fraud

Securities fraud usually consists of insider trading and third party misrepresentation, if it doesn’t come from the company itself. In insider trading cases, the corporation is not accurately reporting financial information to shareholders. The company becomes unhealthy and it will attempt to raise its own stock and take advantage of those who invest. One famous example of this is the Enron scandal, which occurred when the company did not tell about its high expenses and made its profits appear larger than everyone thought.

Insider trading is another popular form. Somebody will find out information about the company and then use the information to possibly buy stock before the information becomes disclosed to members of the public. Perhaps somebody sees that they are losing vast amounts of money within the company. To be found guilty of insider trading, the person will sell their stock when they know the company is going under. In cases of third party misrepresentation, which is when false information about the company is given out. One of the most popular types is known as a “pump and dump,” which consists of finding a small company and buying a ton of its shares. False information will be given about the company so that others buy stock, too, and the price will be driven up.

We are litigation attorneys that can help you with all of your business needs, especially when you have fallen victim to a crime like securities fraud, probate litigation, certain personal injuries, and more.

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